"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."   —Max Planck


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Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann 1989

Cold fusion is a nuclear process....

It produces no radioactive waste products and no harmful radiation... just abundant, inexpensive heat energy that can be used for any human purpose. And it is happening NOW. Researchers all over the world are developing commercial units for your home heating needs, and on a much larger scale, high pressure and high temperature units that will replace fission reactors or coal/oil fired boilers, and run their turbines.

This web site introduces the Least Action Nuclear Process (LANP) theory of Cold Fusion. Its theoretical foundation is in reversible thermodynamics. It is the only theory that is capable of explaining:

  1. The source of the energy needed for ignition,
  2. the anomalous heat effect,
  3. experiments where no heat is produced,
  4. the absence of gamma radiation and radioactive byproducts,
  5. the mechanism for stable isotope selection,
  6. a theoretical basis for the required fusion temperature and how it is masked, and
  7. how the coulomb barrier is overcome.

You are about to enter a new world of... perpetual motion, and the very limits of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Enjoy your visit!

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